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"This is honestly the best beef jerky I have ever had."

Blake Koch 

"This is outstanding jerky! Love the light kick and savory flavors."

Sergio Sanchez

"Let me preface this review with the fact that I am and always have been an avid jerky lover. When i’m on a road trip or even just day to day when I want a snack jerky is usually the first thing I think to munch on. Jerky Boys jerky has left me asking the question can I ever eat and enjoy another brand of jerky again? In all my years of jerky consumption I have never tasted jerky like jerky boys. The texture, the spices, the FLAVOR. Exquisite. Do yourself a favor and buy a few bags because once you finish the first one you’ll want more."

Aren Andersen

"Hands down the best jerky out there! The only problem you’re gonna have is not having more of it!! Order up"

Austin Cooper

"You’ll never be able to eat cheaper jerky again. It’s obvious they use a higher quality meat than other jerky companies. Can’t wait for more flavors."

Garrett Arnold

"Jerky is fire"

David Lehr

"Ordered for 1st time & will order again! The taste & texture are just perfect. Hubby loves jerky & now has new favorite! We’re actually kinda fighting over the jerky. Next time I get my own!! Great Jerky!!"

Chris Losurdo

"Perfect combination of heat, sweet and meat."

Andrew Spaur

"The best jerky I've ever had - perfect texture and seasoning!!"

Scott Prime

"I found out about you all from Dale Jr’s retweet and man I am hooked! The best of this type of jerky I’ve ever had."

Kenzie Kepple

"This is by far the best jerky out there! We will be reordering soon!"

Mike Malone

"The beef jerky was amazing with a little zest and a little sweetness! I shared with my work friends and the package was gone within a few minutes!"

Nancy Kelderman

"This was a gift for my husband. I don't like jerky, but he insisted I HAD to try it. Finally, to shut him up, I caved in and tried a small piece. Then, I asked for a larger piece, just to be sure I wasn't imaging things.

I wasn't."

Tracey McIntyre

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